Sliding Gate Operators

The thoroughbred range of DC operators offer swift and reliable sliding gate control. The D5 Evo unit is powered by a high torque DC motor coupled to a custom built gearbox.

The system uses a 12V maintenance free battery as the primary power source. The battery is charged via a mains supply or solar panel.

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Swing Gate Operators

The R3 and R5 rotary arm swing gate operators are the logical choice for most swing gates. The wide arc of operation combined with inherent soft acceleration and deceleration provide swift opening and closing of the gate.

The operators are powered by a high torque geared DC motor coupled to a high strength worm- reduction gearbox.

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Access Control Equipment

The CENTOR traffic barrier is the right product for high volume access control applications such as shopping mall parking lots, large business estates etc. It incorporates a 220V torque motor.

The unique operating characteristic of this motor provides the system with a continuous rating (100% duty).

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